(Our first and second PLAY VISIT days were held on October 15, and November 19, 2022)

(APPLICATIONS after November 19, 2022 shall be scheduled to another PLAY VISIT. Date and Time to be announced.)

Download 2023 – 2024 Application form:  GOOD TIME INTERNATIONAL KINDERGARTEN Application Form 2

Transforming Children to be Leaders who Excel in Communication, Creativity and Caring for their neighbours and for the world

Based on the EYFS framework of the UK, adopted Inquiry Based Learning; To nurture new generations who can express themselves fluently and confidently in both English and Chinese; and who can stay on top of the rapid development of science and technology with STEM learning.

At the core of our curriculum is the emphasis on language skills in a broad sense for the next decades:

  • English and Chinese. These are the two most popular languages in the next decades. Our students are trained to be able to present and communicate with these two languages confidently and fluently.
  • GTY (Good Time Youtubers). Video is the new form of “writing”. It shall be an important communication & presentation skill for all in the next few decades. This program trains our students to be able to speak and present confidently in front of cameras. They will also learn simple video recording and editing skills. Drama skills are integrated into GTY so students could express themselves with proper emotions, wordings, intonation, body languages and eye contacts.
  • Coding. It is a language to communicate in the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) dominance. Students are trained with the basic coding concepts and skills. 

Our STEM program aims at bringing our students to the frontiers of science and technology development, so as to ignite their curiosity and unleash their imagination for a world they will own. We believe that every child has the capacity to solve problems in creative and engaging ways, and we seek to empower our students with logical thinking skills and to consider a multitude of viewpoints. 

International Programs are taught by experienced Native English speaking teachers partnering with local early childhood teachers (B.Ed.). The team is fluently tri-lingual (English, Cantonese and Putonghua). Our teachers are positioned to give every child the most intimate care and love as they grow with us. We will also cater for each child’s cognitive, physical and emotional development and allow each child to discover their own learning curve.

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Keeping Close Connections with International Schools

Special introductory sessions, school tour and interview arrangements would be organized for our students and alumni:

forrest house school  Forest House Waldorf School

american school hong kong  American School Hong Kong

International Schools that have admitted our graduates:

australian international school hong kong Australian International School Hong Kong

canadian international school  Canadian International School Hong Kong

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hong Kong Japanese School

kellet school Kellett, the British International School

Primary Schools that our graduates are heading

Primary offered admission 2022

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