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New School in a New Year 2020 – 2021

Good Time is going to upgrade our facilities for the new school year, to engage our students in learning and have fun. These are pictures of the new school re-imagined by our interior designer, to match the needs of our enriched EYFS curriculum.

English is the daily natural language of communication in our school. All our children needs to learn Chinese as well as Math/Coding. 

The main hall Concourse   大厅A

The Reading Corner  阅读区 (1)

Drama and Performing Arts is one of the key areas for our children to develop their personal, social and emotional skills. 

Our Black Box Theatre (same as the Play Area)


STEM is an area of development for our children. This is our new STEM Lab.


Music & Multimedia is an area of development for our children.

Our new Music & Multimedia Studio


Visual & Creative Arts is an area of development for our children.

Our new Visual & Creative Arts Studio


We also teach our children to appreciate live through our Good Time Cafe.



Transforming Children to be Leaders who Excel in Communication, Creativity and Caring for their neighbours and for the world

Through Drama & Performing Arts, our children can explore the world with fun. Drama & Performing Arts will ignite the creative spark for our children to become leaders in an increasingly artificial intelligence dominated world”

Highlights of our Teaching and Learning:

  1. use the EYFS curriculum framework of UK, thematic approach by our Caring Native English Teachers who are class masters;
  2. one Chinese day per week, allowing students to summarize things they learned in Chinese. This will enhance students ability to master both languages fluently;
  3. through integrating drama into the curriculum, students learn to be more confident and creative, master good presentation and communication skills, the ability to adapt to changes, as well as how to fit in teams and professionalism;
  4. provide opportunities for our students to explore and experience many performing arts;
  5. students will learn computer coding and logical thinking. they will be able to create animated stories by coding and present to their parents;
  6. interview techniques for P1 shall be broken down and taught throughout their 4 years in our school.

Keeping Close Connections with International Schools

Special introductory sessions, school tour and for some, interview arrangements would be arranged for our students and alumni:

Mount Kelly Logo PNG format  Mount Kelly Preparatory School Hong Kong

american school hong kong  American School Hong Kong


International Schools that have admitted our graduates:

australian international school hong kong Australian International School Hong Kong

canadian international school  Canadian International School Hong Kong

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hong Kong Japanese School